Rustic Bob Himself

Design Your Own Colourful Mantel Clock

Design Your own Colourful Mantel Clock, Available in Round and Arch Shapes, Many Colours to Choose From

Choose your face colour, and your centre colour ( if needed )
from one of these 14 colours

Choose Your Face and Centre Colours from this Wide Range of 14 Bright and Metallic Colours

Choose your hand colour

Choose Your Clock Hand Colour From These 13 Colours

Choose your stud colour

Choose Your Clock Stud Colour From These 13 Colours

Design Your Clock :

Round or Arched :

Frame Colour :

Main Face Colour :

Face Style :

Centre or Heart Colour ( if chosen ) :

Stud Colour :

Hand Colour :

Please bare in mind when creating your clock,
that black hands will not look good on a black faced clock,
or red studs and hands will not look good on a red face clock etc.
For best results choose a dark face with light studs and hands,
or a light face with dark studs and hands.

If you choose a colour combination that I think does not work, I will get in touch
with you before I make the clock and let you know.

Choose your favourite football or sports teams colours,
Choose the colours for a special occasion,
Choose colours that will fit in with your home decor,
1000s of different colour combinations available !

Happy Designing !

All These Colourful Mantel Clocks are Available in a Gift Box

For 75p extra you can have your mantel clock sent in a small gift box with information about myself,
Click here for more info