Rustic Bob Himself

Wooden Mantel Clocks

Wooden Mantel Clocks Handmade with English Hardwoods - Oak - Elm - Ash - Beech - Cherry
Solid English hardwood mantel clocks, in oak, ash, beech, elm, walnut and others
Unique Mantel Clocks, Handmade in the UK from Resin, Wood and other Natural Materials
Each clock is a unique one off piece,
no two clocks will ever be the same.
Rustic Mantel Clocks Handmade in the UK from various Materials
Mantel clocks with a rustic theme, wood is used and also other materials
such as resin and stone

Colourful wall clocks


Mantel Clock in a Gift Box

For 75p extra you can have your mantel clock sent in a small gift box with information about myself,
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