Rustic Bob Himself

Wall Clocks, Mantel Clocks, Sculptures, Jewellery and other Gifts,
Handmade in the UK since 1992

Due to an injury and other reasons, I have been unable to produce the items you see on this website over the last few months,
so apologies to anybody who has been wanting to make a purchase from this site.

I am now starting to list a few items for sale again, and I currently have the colourful faced mantel clocks available again.

I do hope to get lots more items made in the next few months.

Thank you for your patience.... Bob

Unique Mantel Clocks, Handmade in the UK from Resin, Wood and other Natural Materials
Each clock is a unique one off piece.
No two clocks will ever be the same.
Choose from a Wide Range of Colourful Sandy Textured Mantel Clocks in Various Styles - Orange - Red - Yellow - green - Blue. Or Design your own
Round and arched mantel clocks,
with a wide range of coloured faces.
Wooden Wall Clocks Handmade with English Hardwoods - Oak - Elm - Ash - Beech - Cherry
Jewellery Pendants
Currently only available at
Coniston Fudge Gifts and Gallery Shop
If you are ever in the Coniston area, please call in to see what stock they have in store.

Established in 1992 as a wood turner
I have since gone on to design and create a wide range of wooden and non wooden items,
Mostly wall clocks and mantel clocks made from English hardwoods and other materials.

I currently only have the colourful mantel clocks for sale on this website, but I will be adding more designs in the near future.

Slate Effect Mantel Clocks
Metallic Styled Mantel Clocks
Colourful Wall Clocks
Slate Effect Wall Clocks
Rustic Natural Wall Clocks
Rustic Mantel Clocks
Wooden Wall Clocks
Wooden Mantel Clocks

Most Wooden Clocks Will Come With a Small Aluminium Disc on the Back with my Name, Made in the UK, and the Type of Wood Used

Most of the wooden wall and mantel clocks
will come with a small aluminium disc
on the back showing it was made in the UK
and the type of wood used

Most Wall Clocks and Mantel Clocks are Available in a Gift Box

All mantel clocks, and most wall clocks are available in a suitably sized gift box with information about myself,
Click here for more info